Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Post #800 - 2013 Training & Racing Recap

It's hard to believe this is my 800th post! I started this blog back in May of 2008 before I was a swimmer or cyclist, but just a newbie mom-jogger looking to "unblob". Back then my major goal was to run from one mailbox to another without a walk break. I had only vague get-in-shape goals with no idea (I mean NO idea) where those first steps would lead. What a journey it has been on up through 2013!!

I am thankful for every mile, minute, setback, experience, discovery, and friendship that has resulted from my involvement in triathlon. Though I could easily gush for thousands of words on what the sport has meant to me (and would still fail to adequately capture), I will move on to the recap.

Training Year

Longest Bike - 100 miles (Blue Ridge Parkway Solo Ride)
Longest Run - 26.2 miles (Boston Marathon)
Longest Swim - 2.54 miles (Claytor Lake)

That is about what my working mom life can handle, but that doesn't mean it's always easy to overcome the busy schedule, body inertia, or draw of the warm bed to train. I schedule it into my life and I just don't give myself an out unless there is a credible reason. The skipped workouts I can count on one hand.

Racing Year

PRs: (nice to get still at age 46!)
  • 1 super sprint
  • 5 sprints
  • 3 internationals/Olympics
  • 1 half-iron
  • 1 Aquathalon
Triathlon Podiums:
Year-End Awards:
  • 3rd Overall Female - Virginia Triathlon Series
  • USA Triathlon All-American (ranked 38/1871 in 45-49ers)

Huge thanks go of course to Coach Jim McGehee of One-on-One Endurance who has coached me starting with my very first triathlon in August of 2009. He is a vital partner who puts tremendous time and energy into me and into each athlete that he works with. When I look at my giant binder of weekly workouts printed from Training Peaks and my email folder brimming with advice, encouragement, analysis, and reality-checks, I feel very humbled and fortunate. He's been a major influence on me as an athlete and a person.

My family, my husband Robert, and my kids Spencer and Grant are so, so supportive. I have never heard one complaint about my training or racing even though it impacts their lives especially when I travel. Oma pitches in cheerfully when I am gone, feeding and toting kids around. My mom and dad have become big fans of the sport and they are the first ones I call after a race! I can't say enough about the importance of their love and encouragement and I only hope that I am doing as well encouraging them in their passions and work.

Bryan is my invaluable sounding board and tri-sherpa who brings perspective and straightens my path when I get mired in the unimportant. Krista is my awesome working mom/runner/triathlete role model who reminds me to take it one day at a time. Frequently our texts will read, "Are you surviving?"

I feel lucky every day that my work aligns with my passion. Thank you to John Jones of the fortyninegroup for all of the opportunities to work with fantastic athletes, coaches, race directors, and multisport companies!!
I'm glad to be part of the global community of triathletes. It's a much richer experience because of all the ways we can share and interact online. I often think without things like Facebook and blogs, this sport could feel a little isolated. I get so much inspiration and encouragement from athletes I admire who I may never even meet. Thanks to my racing team family - the Endurance Films Racing Team (read our year-end recap here).

Finally, I am very appreciative of my racing sponsor, Solar Connexion, serving solar energy needs for 23+ years in Virginia and surrounding states ;-)

On to 2014!