Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Intrepid Wanderer

Today this intrepid wanderer set off for parts unknown, an area one town up known to locals as "Carvin's Cove." I was armed only with my wits, uncanny instincts, and a light mid-foot strike.

Also a large paper map from my friends at Just the Right Gear, folded and shoved in my shorts.

Also a Garmin 910XT, foot pod, heart rate monitor, iPod, sunglasses, Injinji toes socks, and Brooks Trail Shoes.

But that was all. Really, it was mainly the wits and uncanny instincts.

With one last glance at the map, I set off for a one hour exploration of approximately 7.5 miles.

My instructions? Keep cadence up around 90 but run easy.

My goal? See this legendary "Carvin's Cove" for myself and carry word of it back to my people.

The wide, rolling gravel path with the occasional rock or root was not for the walker-of-malls or weak-of-ankles. Neither were the muddy ruts for the new-of-shoes. Upon encountering a half fallen tree, I paused (and stopped the Garmin of course) and considered my options. Over? Under? I went with my instincts, and chose Under. It was the right decision.

After a time, I was rewarded with a view of Carvin's Cove...for about 100 yards of my journey.

For this intrepid wanderer, that was reward enough.

(Epilogue: Okay, not really. Truthfully I had envisioned a little more "Cove" on this run but I failed to consider the scale of the map and how far the lot was from the actual water. Doh!)