Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Notebook

I keep a 3-ring binder with all my training plans from Coach Jim -- one from every single week since I started almost two years ago (we use Training Peaks).  Today I added a new stack to the archive and as I flipped back through, I was reminded of the power of consistent training.  I've come along way from the days of a big-deal "8-minute continuous swim" my first summer!

There are a lot of training variables beyond our locus of control, so it's nice that consistency and effort are very much up to us. I'm not the fastest or strongest, but I will lay claim to being consistently consistent (!?) and hard working.

As I browsed through the notebook, it dawned on me that the flipside, the negative to having this OCD need for consistency is a reluctance to slow down, take unscheduled recovery if needed, and to back off at the sign of injury.

So I could boast about how few workouts I have missed over the last two years, but it only reminds me of the school kids who are going after a perfect attendance record and show up regardless of flu, strep, bleeding from the eyeballs, whatever.  Who does that serve and what does that prove?

Yes, consistency is an important part of balanced, healthy training.  But so is backing off as needed. I've got the consistency part nailed, backing off is so much harder and will take some work.

After this morning's 1:15 trainer ride... purple face
and Rod Stewart hair.
My very cute Trixie dog watching me organize my papers.