Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Lost to Myself

I raced myself on Coach's CompuTrainer and LOST!  CompuTrainer is a whole bike trainer / computer interface that lets you ride simulated courses as it adjusts for climbs and descents and it gathers information about pedal efficiency, balance, wattage, etc.  You can load other people's race files and race them, or in my case, race yourself!

I raced ME from my January 2010 10-mile time trial. Old me started off strong and new me, remembering how much old me struggled on the back half of the course, thought I'd use some strategy and hang back then charge myself when old me was weakening. You know, employ some psychological tactics. But old me was just too far ahead to overtake. I was about .4 miles behind.

I could come up with a list of excuses and rationalizations (i.e. 10 week layoff), but plain and simple I lost. I've fired myself up. I will seek revenge on myself and get myself next time. Watch out, me, I'm coming to get me!

My credit card is impulse purchase, no reward for this. Of course, I could get something for the winner. And that would be ME!