Friday, January 2, 2009

I've got a new gym partner

I thought about titling this one "My gym partner's a monkey" but that would only make sense if you exposed to as much Cartoon Network as I am.

I suppose it appears that I've been having way too much fun at the gym because STM's requests to join me reached a fever pitch and I relented. At 8 years old (the min req'd), he is now an official member and has gone with me twice. I have to say it's been fun to have the company and to see the experience a bit through his eyes. He's run on the track, ridden the bike, and I put together a few exercises he can do that don't involve weights beyond his body weight. I've promised him some sessions soon with JRP to get a proper program designed and because, frankly, he shouldn't have to hear it all from his mom. I think he can really benefit from this opportunity to increase his coordination and awareness of a body that is significantly larger than what his peers have to deal with. The pediatrician predicts he'll get to 6'3" or so. YIKES! He already wears a size 7 3rd grade. Anyway, I think it's all fun and cute that he wants to get in on the action and I'd like to encourage it as much as I can since he's made it clear that he's not big into team sports. ("I don't find football amusing.")

I'm coming to the end of two weeks of solo training...solo only in a physical sense! I was left with very carefully detailed plans that made it easy to stick to THE PLAN (thank you!). It's actually been kind of cool to fill in the pages of workouts and see what has been accomplished in that time. Since December 23, it amounted to about 130 sets of exercises at the gym, maybe 2000 reps? Yes, I do love numbers and adding things up!