Monday, November 10, 2008

Today's speed workout - 1/2 m x 10!!

Today's workout was a tough one. I'm not exactly sure why it was so hard. I did a pretty speedy 7+ miles last week so I wasn't too worried about this workout. I walked about half a lap between so I was fairly well recovered. Those last two intervals were definitely a mental challenge as I was warned they would be.

Interval Workout, 13 days out

Warm-up: 5 minutes low I, walking followed by jogging at moderate I, 10 minutes

½ mile intervals

Interval/Pace (mins)
I 1 4:00
I 2 4:00
I 3 3:55
I 4 3:55
I 5 3:50
I 6 3:50
I 7 3:45
I 8 3:45
I 9 3:35
I 10 3:35

Cool-down: Jog slowly for 10 minutes after your last repetition, ease into a walk, 5 minutes
Light stretching: 5 minutes

Being able to control the pace of each rep will allow you to learn how to run at an even pace
Run each rep slightly faster than your goal pace
Walk between repetitions to recover