Thursday, May 29, 2014

I would not like boring shoes, thank you.

I laughed pretty hard when this sponsored post popped up on my mobile Facebook feed:

I said out loud, "NO! I would not like the boring shoes, thank you!" Sensing defeat, they tried again later that day with this dramatic improvement:

It was a tiny bit closer but still oh so far! So then a few days later, a third try:

Still, I thought, no thank you. But I *was* in need of two new pairs of running shoes (to rotate) as all of mine were well beyond their useful life and I hadn't had a new pair since last summer. I was pretty excited about the new yellow, orange, and purple Kinvara 5s and picked those up at our local Runabout Sports in celebration of my return to running. To those I added a pair of the Kinvara 4's (on sale, yay).

So take note, THIS is what "I think I might like:"

And I will still buy them at my local running store.
And I will add stretchy laces, with the help of Saki:

One thing about running, it gives you unfettered access to fun shoes in bold colors. Sure, the brightness help with visibility on the road, but running shoes, and running clothes more generally, give us the chance to break out of the doldrums of boring conventional clothes. If I could wear running clothes and shoes every day, I would!

Oh wait, I think I nearly do! These are some of my every day shoes.

And don't forget the fun socks...

Just wear whatever makes you run happy...

...and faster if you happen to like that sort of thing!