Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Scenes from a recovery week

What's a girl do when all the obsessing is done? When there is no need to debate exactly how many gels to carry in the race or to worry whether a muscle suddenly feels funny?  When "workouts" are things like a 5 mile recovery spin and a 30 minute walk?

1. Join local online group of "Running Princesses" and take photo to prove, by virtue of owning a tiara, that you indeed belong.

2. Print out the map and elevation chart for Boston Marathon and hang on refrigerator and in office. Start dreaming and planning for April 16, 2012.

3. Wonder if this oddly simple "100-Up" workout really does make a person faster (see page 5 of The Once and Future Way to Run, Christopher MacDougall, NYT). What if I multi-tasked and did it while brushing my teeth?
4. Turn recovery walk into a power hike. (I'm a bit guilty of the "give an inch, take a mile" thing).

elevation chart of my "recovery walk"

5. Share bounty of "helpful" ideas with Coach like 100-Up (see #3) and incorporating power hike (see #4) on a regular basis. Does he think that flapping my arms while cooking dinner would help me swim faster? If so, I am willing to do it!

6. Tell Kurt you are ready to identify some strength training goals and kick it into a higher gear.

7. Take work productivity to new levels. Put signs on door to indicate such.

8. Catch up on life and start thinking about the holidays!!