Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Resting heart rate

Data from this morning. Yeah, I don't think so.

Time to replace the battery. So I put on the watch and strap and sat around waiting the interminably long time it always seems to take to pair. Bingo! And I discovered my resting heart rate (sitting in a chair, a rare time of not moving) was 44. Interesting. I'd never bothered to check before.

I had no idea what "normal" resting heart rate was, but according to the source-of-all-knowledge, Wikipedia, "normal" is 60-90, with lower rates for athletes. The reason is the heart, like all muscles, grows stronger (hypertrophy) and can pump more volume per contraction.

I did a manual double-check (finger on wrist pulse) to verify. (I'm a good scientist when it's convenient!)

Pretty cool. While I knew from reading that fitness is good for cardiac health this evidence made the information far more real and personal.