Saturday, September 18, 2010

Before and After

Some friends posted this video on Facebook and it drove me to tears. This formerly unhappy and overweight man found such happiness through running and he tells his story with honest simplicity and courage. It is a story that many runners share. Running restored my happiness and renewed my life. I may not have had quite such a dramatic physical change as this gentleman, but I can attest to the dramatic changes in the heart.

I stumbled onto this picture in my Facebook archives. It's painful to post, painful to look at and the body language says it all. I was shrinking back, looking away, surrounded by outward elements of a happy life but I was not a happy soul. Running changed everything.

Every day I'm grateful too for getting the right encouragement from the right trainer at the right time. The body is easier to live in, sure, but more importantly the mind has been restored as a happy place to be :-)